Vanilla Bean Cake & Cupcake Online Class

The best vanilla cake recipe! Specifically formulated for Cake Decorating. It says moist throughout the stacking, crumb coating and decorating process.

In this Vanilla Bean Cake & Cupcake Online Class, you will learn how to make Sab Pastries’ signature vanilla bean cake recipe.

Unlike your typical vanilla cake, this cake has a strong vanilla flavour that automatically stands out! This simple recipe, yet delicious, has been and remain our best seller for years.

Check the photo gallery to see the testimonials from other bakers.

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Discover why our vanilla bean cake is a client favourite, and allowed out to sell thousands of birthday cakes, wedding cakes, cake jars and other celebration cakes.

In this hour-long pre-recorded online class, Sab herself will walk you through each step of crafting her delicious vanilla bean cake batter. You will uncover the essential techniques that have made this recipe our best seller, delivering unparalleled taste and quality. Our primary focus is on achieving the moistest cake imaginable, ensuring every bite is a heavenly experience for your taste buds.

Tailored for both layered and tiered cakes, our recipe not only promises deliciousness but also provides excellent stability for easy stacking. Delve into the intricacies of the baking process through our detailed video content, empowering you to replicate the success that has made our vanilla bean cake a staple in our bakery. Embark on this flavourful journey with us, and let your baking skills soar to new heights!

Join us and elevate your baking expertise with our Vanilla Bean Cake & Cupcake Online Class, where each lesson brings you closer to mastering the art of creating the perfect vanilla bean cake.


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